What Packaging Should you Choose for your USB Cards?

When you order your Flarian USB Cards, even if you choose no packing, we still provide you with basic packaging for free.  Each card is nicely wrapped in its own plastic wrapper.

USB Cards Basic Packaging

Flarian USB Cards Basic Packaging

But sometimes the occasion calls for more.  Here are some of the other packaging options available, and a description of when it is most appropriate to use them. Continue reading

Designing your USB Cards

One of the  biggest advantages of using Flarian USB Cards, as opposed to other promotional items, is that it allows for a more complete branding experience. With most promotional products, its simply a matter of printing your logo them. USB Cards, inherently by design, allow for much more. The wide surface area allows for high quality images to be printed on both sides. This maximizes the promotional effect, and makes your promotional campaign much more effective. Continue reading

To lock or not to lock?

That is the question. The question that gets asked most often when it comes to the data loading stage of the order. The answer never changes:  it depends.

The benefit of locking the data is pretty straightforward: your content will not be deleted and will be there every time the USB Card is plugged in. Therefore chances of your content being opened down the road increase (since it hasn’t been deleted….obviously!). Continue reading