Six ways law firms are using promotional USB drives for marketing


Many law firms are turning to custom-branded promotional USB drives to increase brand awareness and market their firm. Offering useful custom-branded USB drives to clients, prospects and employees is seen as an effective marketing tool because they serve as a constant source of advertising for their firm. Consequently, the promotional drives industry is thriving as law firms continue to rely on this cost-effective method of advertising.

Promotional USB drives have an additional feature where you are able to add extra promotional information onto the USB drive. In fact many custom-branded USB retailers will offer to preload the promotional information on the USB drives. Our friends at Flarian Inc. and offer free data preloading on any quantity you order!

Below we show how law firms are branding their custom-branded promotional USB drives for marketing:



The Flarian USB cards (request a quote for your custom-branded Flarian USB cards here) are preloaded with PowerPoint presentations, flyers, biographies, and any other information connected with their seminars and used as giveaways for the attendees.



The Flarian paper USB flyers (request a quote for your  custom-branded Flarian paper USB flyers here) direct Chinese investors to a publication which provides an overview on business opportunities in Canada. The USB brochures use the tracking feature offered by Flarian Inc. to measure the success of their campaign.



The Flarian USB cards are loaded with signed transaction documents and given to clients for their records.

Eckert Byrne LLC


The Flarian USB cards are used to provide confidential documentation to their clients.

Greencard Capital


The Flarian USB cards are used as giveaways at their press conferences.

National American Indian Court Judges Association


The lanyard USBs from (request a quote for your custom-branded lanyard USB drives here) are used by the National American Indian Court Judges Association and given out to staff to hold ID cards, security precautions and/or keys. The staff can also use them as a personal storage device.

A variety of USB products are available that serve different purposes while meeting the objective of increasing brand awareness. Custom-branded USB business cards have a long-lasting appeal because they offer useful personal storage, and by using an eye-catching design, they could act as effective advertisement for your firm to clients and prospects.


2 thoughts on “Six ways law firms are using promotional USB drives for marketing

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  2. Wow, those are some clever uses of USBs. I especially like the use of USBs as a means of transporting signed documents. That must save a lot of wasted paper.

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