USB Wallet Card – An Elegant Way to promote your product

wallet usb cards- wallet flash drives

In the era Business is much more than just providing best of the services and delivering quality to the consumers. Marketing and promotion has equal part in the business now-a-days and for the purpose custom wallet USB cards are doing well. The creatively designed and customized wallet USB cards have done well for the promotion of corporate, business and products. Continue reading

Complete Process Of Connecting USB Flash Drive To Mobile Phone.


Your smart phone is able to work more like a computer. It is not just made for calls, messages, using camera or social media, you can use it handle to office data. It will surely work with you as your office assistant. You can transfer your photos, videos, documents and other data to your mobile by using USB OTG cable; you do not want a laptop or computer desktop for it. Continue reading

You want to go with style? Power bank glossy stick is perfect for you

power bank glossy stick

Power bank glossy sticks are the portable charger with the small stick shape. Its cover is made of glossy material. These power banks are so small that can easily fit into your pocket. You can also hold it into your hand during walk or travel. With the different styles and attractive bright color these power banks look more elegant and stylish than other power banks. All these power banks are made of metal. Continue reading