Full-color photo printing: The way to go when printing Card-shaped USBs

Full color photo printing has gained immense popularity in the printing industry. See four major reasons why we love to use full color printing over other printing methods when custom branding your Flarian USB cards.

1) Gradient colors can be printed:
Full color printing allows printing complicated logos which have gradient colors and/or blended colors. Other, more traditional methods of printing (e.g. silk screen printing), only allow solid colors to be printed. Figure 1 illustrates the power of full color printing by comparing the same logo printed on a Flarian USB card using: a) Full color printing and b) Silk screen printing. Notice that using full color printing allows the ‘shine’ effect of the gold color to be printed giving it a more realistic look, as opposed to silk screen printing which can only print solid colors.

custom branded USB Cards

Figure 1: Comparison of a) full color printing against b) silk screen printing. Full color printing allows gradient colors to be printed. Silk screen printing allows only solid colors to be printed.

2) Edge-to-edge printing is possible:
Full color printing also allows your artwork to be printed “edge-to-edge”.  This means that photos can be printed on the entire surface of both sides of the card USB, which results in a print with no visible border. Ultimately, aesthetically appealing images can be printed giving a very high quality look. Figure 2 shows a few examples of Flarian USB cards printed for our clients. Notice that the artwork can cover the entire surface of the card including the area where the USB chip pops out from.

Full-color printed Flarian USB Cards

Figure 2: Full color printing allows graphics to be printed all the way to the edges of the card resulting in no visible border.

3) Printing on edges, corners, crevices and uneven surfaces can be done:
A direct consequence of edge to edge printing is that the artwork can be printed even if the logo falls over non-contiguous surfaces (e.g. the USB chip pop out area). Figure 3 gives an example of a logo which not only falls over the chip area but continues over the edges of the USB chip pop out. The black lines correspond to the Flarian USB card template. One may think that because this logo is a solid color, it could be printed using silk screen printing. Unfortunately, silk screen printing cannot print this artwork because screen printing requires a continuous, unperturbed surface. However, this logo can be printed easily with full-color printing.

custom usb cards

Figure 3: An artwork with a logo that falls over the edges of the USB pop out of a USB card. Full color printing can be easily employed to print this artwork.

4) Speed:
Full color printing is the fastest printing method we use to customize USB cards. Conventional printing methods such as silk screen printing requires each color to be prepared separately and applied manually one at a time on each wafer USB, which makes the printing process labor intensive and time consuming. With full color printing, all colors are printed simultaneously on a  USB card by mixing a few fundamental colors, just like a regular printer in your home or office. Thus, the artwork can be quickly replicated on many units in a high throughput process. Imagine printing the same photograph using a state-of-the-art office printer, but instead of printing on paper you are printing on plastic USB cards. This is how full color printers work. They are FAST!

So, if you have an urgent deadline and think the deadline cannot be met, fill out this form and one of our sales representatives will be in touch right away! As long as there is enough time for the courier service (e.g. DHL or Fedex) to pickup your package from us and deliver it to you, we can meet your deadline. Almost all orders can be handed to the courier within 24 hours after your order is confirmed.

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