Ordering Your Promotional USB Business Cards from Flarian

Ordering custom branded USB Cards from Flarian is very simple. Once you are in touch with us, one of our sales representatives will guide you through the process, so there is not much you need to worry about. Below are the 6 stages you can expect:

1. Quote for USB Cards

Quote for custom USB Business Cards

The first step is to request a quote for your USB Cards. You may have already received a per unit pricing, but a quote is more detailed and specific to you. It shows the total price you are expected to pay based on your needs, and factors in any shipping costs and taxes if applicable.

The information we need from you in order to prepare a custom quote for your USB Business Cards is as follows:

  1. Quantity of USB Cards you are interested in ordering. We have a minimum quantity of just 10 units!
  2. Storage capacity you need for your USB Drives. We start from 512MB, and go up to 64GB. The most popular capacities for promotional USB Drives tend to be 1GB, 2GB and 4GB.
  3. Delivery address? Our USB Cards ship for free to USA and Canada. However we will also quote the appropriate currency based on where you are located. For quotes within Canada, we will quote in CAD, and for quotes within USA (and internationally) we will quote in USD. Any taxes (if applicable) will also be shown on the quote.

Once we have the above information, we will prepare a quote showing the exact amount you would be expected to pay. There are no set-up fees, no hidden charges, and what you see on the quote is what you will pay on your invoice, provided the quote has not yet expired (The expiry date will always be explicitly stated on the quote).

2. Free Virtual Proof for your USB Cards

Free Virtual Proof for Custom USB Business Cards

Once you have a quote for your custom order of USB Cards, the next step is to ask us for a virtual proof. You can download our AI template and work within it, or you could simply email your sales representative your logo and artwork, along with any instructions, and leave it up to our in-house design expertise to create an aesthetically appealing design with your branding for your USB Cards.

This is a no obligation service we offer for free. Even if you are not sure at this point whether you will go ahead with ordering the USB Cards, we are still more than happy to create a free virtual mockup for you. This will show you exactly what your custom USB Cards would look like, and help you decide whether you would like to go ahead with the order.

We welcome your feedback on the initial proof, and will go through as many iterations as required to get it perfect for you.

3. Invoice

Invoice for USB CardsOnce the quote and virtual proof for your USB Cards is approved and you have decided you would like to go ahead with ordering, the next step is the invoice. The most common method of payment is credit card. Your sales representative will email you a link, which you can use to pay the invoice online by credit card. Super simple.

There are other methods of payment we accept as well, such as bank transfer, check, and PayPal. If any of these work better for you, be sure to let your sales representative know, and we will be happy to accommodate you.

4. Order Processed

Order for Promotional USB Cards processed

Once the invoice is paid, your sales representative will put you in touch with your dedicated account manager. Your account manager will collect shipping information, and if there is any data you need us to load on your USB Cards, they will guide you through the process of getting it to us. We have processes in place to ensure there is no data lost/corrupted during the transfer process, and what we end up loading on the USB drives is a 100% match with what you have on your end.

Our data loading service is absolutely free, and there is no size limit! The only constraint is the capacity of the USB Drive you order.

Once we have all the information we need to produce your USB Cards exactly as you would like, your account manager will send you an order processed confirmation.

5. Order Shipped

USB Business Cards order shipped

After your order is ready and we have shipped it out, your account manager will send you a DHL tracking number. You can track this on the DHL website.

6. USB Cards delivered to your doorstep

Order for USB Business cards deliveredAnd then your custom USB Business Cards get delivered to you. Its that simple! 🙂

Once you get a chance to look at your USB Cards, we always LOVE to hear your feedback. Whether it has to do with the USB Cards themselves, with our customer service, or any part of the ordering process, your feedback helps us improve in any way we can, and is always greatly appreciated.

And of course, referrals are always greatly appreciated as well.

Want to get the process of ordering your promotional USB Cards started? Request a quote here, and one of our sales representatives will guide you through the entire process mentioned above.

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