USB embedded in WHAT?!

Do you remember the last brochure you saw? If it was any good, it likely had a ton of useful information about the product/service being sold, along with a lot of well-researched and easy-to-understand infographics and like all good marketing, featured a call to action.

At this point you might have imagined what your own brochure would look like, but then thought:

‘Wait a minute, I can just put all this information on a USB drive.’

At this stage many people come to Flarian in order to buy custom branded USB Cards for this very purpose, and hand them out to potential customers/clients.

Well, what if I told you that now you can put information on a USB Drive and a brochure at the same time. Cue: *enter USB Brochure*

USB brochures your branding

The Brochure has a paper USB Drive EMBEDDED WITHIN IT (yes, I’m serious).

Recently we have been receiving some absolutely STELLAR feedback for the Paper USB Brochures! Basically, they’re proving to be a fantastic way to bridge the physical and digital worlds of marketing. Your call to action can feature all sorts of additional information on the USB Drive (and they look pretty cool).

Sounds simple? That’s because it is!

There are three steps we need to go through together to get you your very own customized paper USB Brochures.

Step 1: Get an instant quote for your USB Brochures.  Pick between a WebKey or a storage device.

‘But what’s a WebKey!?’

I love answering that question. If you want your USB drive to be a WebKey, it will automatically launch your website when plugged into a computer! Yes, I know, that’s fancy.

How a WebKey USB Brochure works

Step 2: Send over your artwork and we’ll have our in-house design team craft up a USB brochure that works for you.

Need multiple drafts and iterations? No worries, we’ve never said no to making as many virtual proofs as needed to make you 100% happy.

Need us to create the artwork for you? No worries, our design team can take your information and create a design for you for FREE.

Need to customize the dimensions? No worries, you can find our standard dimensions below or we can customize the dimensions to your requirements for FREE.

Our Standard Dimensions:

Standard dimensions for custom USB Brochures

You can also download the templates for our standard dimensions here.

Step 3: Once you receive delivery, simply sit back and watch your prospective customers/clients get wow-ed by the USB Brochure!

I know what you’re thinking:

‘Wow, that’s actually pretty cool! Let me think about it and I’ll get back to this later.’

Feel free to take your time, but as you’re thinking about it, consider this:

Currently we have some absolutely phenomenal pricing options running. Make sure to get a quote now before prices go back to normal!

Ready for a quote? Click here to get it instantly.

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