You can do way more with a USB than you think!

When you purchase a product like our custom business USB cards from Flarian, you typically go through a simple process: you decide on the quantity and storage capacity you require, you spend a few days to design some fantastic artwork for your custom business USB cards, you pay the invoice, potentially send us some data to preload, and then sit back and relax until we work our magic and deliver the custom business USB cards to you (click here to read about our ordering process).And almost every time, when you receive the custom business USB cards, you’re left in awe of how well they’ve turned out.

BUT, did you know there’s actually more that you can do with your custom business USB cards?

That’s right; you can actually customize them one step further. For example, you can ask us to rename the USB drive for you, preload data, lock the data that you’ve sent us, change the icon of the USB, use the USB in the form of a WebKey, run applications, hide files, and much more.

Rename the Drive

In a typical case, when a custom business USB card, or any other USB, is plugged into a computer, it is named USB DISK, Removable Disk (see figure 1), or some other generic name. Well, here at Flarian we are all about creating the best custom product for your promotional needs; and our attention to detail even extends to the very name of the USB itself!

As such, we will happily rename the drive to anything you want. The only stipulation here is that the name of drive can be no longer than eleven (11) characters (including spaces), must be all capital letters, and cannot contain any special characters (such as !@#$%:;).

If you would like to change the name of your custom business USB card, or any other promotional USB you purchase from us, simply let us know and we will take care of it for you.

custom business usb cards

Figure 1: In the image above, the image on the left shows generic USB names such as ‘Removable Disk’, and ‘USB DISK’. At Flarian, we give our customers the opportunity to change these names. For example, I have changed the names of the USBs to ‘RAHIM’SBLOG’ and ‘FLARIAN’ in the image on the right.

For example, Figure 1 demonstrates two scenarios: one with a generic names for the USBs (figure on the left), and the other where I changed the name of the USB to something of my own choosing. Note, that the names I have chosen fall within the stipulations mentioned above –  the name of drive is no longer than eleven (11) characters (including spaces), I have used all capital letters, and there are no any special characters (such as !@#$%:;)

Preload data

A lot of our customers purchase our promotional USBs to promote their businesses. This means including some files, PDFs, videos, music, pictures, catalogs or any other number of promotional items on their USBs prior to giving them out.

Unfortunately however, loading data is a very tedious and cumbersome task – especially when the data is large. Imagine trying to load 2GB worth of files onto the 500 USBs you just bought from us – one at a time! A task like this would take two people hours, if not days to complete.

Lucky for you, when you buy any promotional USB at Flarian, you don’t have to do this at all. We will do it for you regardless of how many units you’ve purchased, and how large your data is. FOR FREE. Not only that, we have multiple internal controls which would help ensure that the data is preloaded onto the USBs in exactly the manner that you want.

So, if you’re someone whose in need of uploading a lot of data onto USBs, it seems like your decision to purchase from Flarian just got a whole lot easier 🙂

Lock your data

We get it; a lot of our customers spend hours, if not days creating the perfect design for their promotional USBs and compiling the perfect set of data to be pre-loaded onto the USBs. All of this is done with the goal of getting the best possible shot of promoting their businesses. So when they give out their USBs at a fair, expo, or event, they want to protect as much of their hard work as possible – including their data. In other words, they don’t want their data to be deleted from their carefully designed promotional USBs – ever.

custom business usb cards

Figure 2: We can lock your data for you keeping it secure. DISCLAIMER: The USB does not have to look like this.

If you’re in the same boat, there’s a way to protect your data. Just let us know when you are placing your next order and we will have it done for you.

How? It’s actually quite simple. We create two partitions within the USB drive which means it will show up on computers as two USBs.

The first partition is locked and cannot be altered by anyone. This is where we put your data so even if someone tries to delete it from the USB, they simply will not be able to do so. The second partition consists of free space where people can add and delete whatever they want to. This second partition is basically the remaining space on your USB drive.

AND there’s the added benefit of naming the two partitions however you see fit (with the same stipulations as before: the name can be no longer than eleven (11) characters (including spaces), must be all capital letters, and cannot contain any special characters (such as !@#$%:;).

Here’s an example: say you’ve purchased custom USB Cards from us at a 4GB capacity. You would like some videos preloaed onto the USBs  and would like to have them locked. So, we would create two partitions within the USB Cards, one with your videos (let’s say 2.5GB), and one with the remaining space (1.5GB).

It’s that simple.

Convert your USB to a WebKey

When you think of a USB, you think of some form of data storage. In fact, that is typically what they are used for after all – and they work wonderfully. We’ve had wedding photographers upload their pictures to give to guests, industry giants uploading their catalogues to give to potential buyers, real estate agents uploading housing documents to give to new home-owners. Basically, our USBs have been used to upload anything you can imagine.

But here’s another way you can use a USB that you may not have heard of: convert it into a WebKey.

If you choose this option here’s what happens: when the USB is connected to a computer, instead of opening up the files that you’ve loaded onto it, it will automatically prompt the computer to open your website!

So, if you’re trying to get people to visit your website, just hand them one of our WebKey USBs. Easy.

Oh, and by the way, ALL of our products can be purchased as WebKeys.

Change the USB icon

By default, all USBs have the same icon (unless specifically changed by a manufacturer). You saw this icon in Figure 1, where I spoke about changing the name of the USB drive. When I spoke about that, I mentioned that Flarian is all about customizing the USB for you in every way possible. It should make sense then that we can also customize the USB icon itself, right?


You can change the icon of the USB to anything you like! Just send over a picture in .ico format, and let us know to change the icon for you. If you don’t have a .ico file on you, no worries, we will try and create one for you!

Run Applications

Did you know you could do this? To be honest, neither did I until recently. A client (an educational non-profit) ordered a few thousand custom business USB cards and asked us to preload some data for them. To my surprise, the ‘data’ they sent us were actually applications! To be more specific, the application had an entire platform meant for teaching. The application even asked for students’ unique login credentials to the platform such as user ID and password!

So, if you’re ever in need of handing out applications, you know Flarian can make it happen through our promotional USBs!

Hide your files

Speaking of applications, they need a host of back-up files and programs also onto the USBs to allow them to run. These, however, look messy from a presentation point of view.

An option, of course, is to simply put all those extra files in a folder labelled ‘DO NOT OPEN’. But, what if I told you we can do one better? We can actually hide the files so that users will not be able to see it!

This is what Flarian is all about; excellent customer service that goes above and beyond what’s expected, and customization down to even the most miniscule levels. So contact us today and request a quote and we’ll get started on customizing your very own promotional USB.

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