Can we personalize a bulk order of USB drives such that each USB has different information printed?

custom usb drive

The age of digital printing has revolutionized the worlds of marketing, and advertising. Today a variety of options have become available that were unimaginable in the past. Among these options is the VARIABLE PRINTING feature we have available for our clients. This feature enables our clients to personalize each and every USB drive for their audience with their name, and other specific information. Variable printing can also be used to print sequential codes, random numbers, unique identifiers, QR codes and barcodes on our USB drives. The advantage of our state of the art variable data printing is that it allows each USB drive to be exclusively designed and printed for a single person. If executed properly, a campaign which utilizes such individualized can improve the response rates. Our variable printing option is being used by our clients in the following ways: Continue reading

Accounting Firms: Save Paper, Use USB Cards!

Accounting as a profession is symbolized as the backbone of the business world. As the face of the business world continues to adapt to reflect the ever changing geo-political and economic landscape, so too do the accounting firms that provide critical services to the business engines.

For quite some time now, the use of paper has been steadily declining for a number of reasons. The most prominent of these – at least in the past – have been the rise of computer technology and the cloud, as well as a need to cut down on costs. More recently, however, there is another reason to cut down on the use of paper that is becoming just as prominent – going green.

Keeping that trend in mind, and consumers’ and businesses’ increased willingness to work with companies that are seen as environmentally sustainable, accounting firms across the world have sprung into action. They raise their voices more frequently to showcase the steps they take towards being more sustainable – economically, environmentally, and socially.

Here at Flarian, we have come up with yet another cost-effective way for accounting firms to boost their sustainability performance. Our method is cost-effective to use and implement, and very easy to use. Best of all, it is just as useful for accounting firms, as it is for their clients. Continue reading

Ordering USB Brochures? Everything you need to know.

If you’re convinced our USB Brochures are a great product for your brand but don’t know how to get started with your own order, this post is for you.

USB Brochure

If you do not yet know what USB Brochures are, I highly recommend checking out this previous blog post, and our webpage for USB Brochures.

So you realize that a print brochure with a promotional USB embedded in it, preloaded with your content, is a great tool for your branding/marketing/promotional efforts. What comes next?

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Should You Get a Custom Branded Sample?

Buying custom branded USB Drives for the first time can be a difficult decision. There are a lot of factors that can cause uncertainty. Some of the biggest concerns clients have raised include:

  • How will the drives operate once plugged in?
  • Will complex data such as custom applications be corrupted?
  • Will the print look good and match the branding?
  • Will the custom branded USB Drive work for them?

At the end of the day all these questions really boil down to one simple question. How can you trust an online company? Here at Flarian we welcome this very justified skepticism. Not only is this level of scrutiny healthy when purchasing anything online but it also gives as a chance to do some humble bragging. Continue reading

The Best Packaging and Accessory Options for USB Business Cards

USB Business cards have multiple uses from conference giveaways to customer reports. Our clients range from law firms to photographers. In each of these cases the USB Cards are not where the story ends. With many of the orders we deal with, clients will request our custom branded packaging and accessories options. But how do you determine which is the best option for you? Below is a list of our top recommendations and when they are best utilized. Continue reading