Can we personalize a bulk order of USB drives such that each USB has different information printed?

custom usb drive

The age of digital printing has revolutionized the worlds of marketing, and advertising. Today a variety of options have become available that were unimaginable in the past. Among these options is the VARIABLE PRINTING feature we have available for our clients. This feature enables our clients to personalize each and every USB drive for their audience with their name, and other specific information. Variable printing can also be used to print sequential codes, random numbers, unique identifiers, QR codes and barcodes on our USB drives. The advantage of our state of the art variable data printing is that it allows each USB drive to be exclusively designed and printed for a single person. If executed properly, a campaign which utilizes such individualized can improve the response rates. Our variable printing option is being used by our clients in the following ways:

  1. Printing custom ID badges with built in USB drives:

Our Flarian USB card has a built-in USB drive. The front and back sides of this credit card sized USB drive can be fully customized. With our variable printing feature, unique information such as the badge holders name and ID or contact information can be printed. We can do this in bulk for thousands of staff! Now your employees have a multi-functional badge that not only can serve as an identification card customized with their details, it can also function as a personal USB drive for them!

  1. Identification cards for event (e.g. conference) attendees with built in USB drives:

Conference attendees often wear badges with details such as their name, designation, title and/or a number or bar code uniquely printed on their identification cards. We can print such details on our USB business card in exactly the same manner.

  1. Gift cards, Royalty cards, Discount Cards, Rewards Cards, Membership Cards with built-in USB drives:

Our Flarian USB Cards can be printed such that each card has a unique code printed. This unique code can be sequential, ideal for membership cards, or random, ideal for gift cards, royalty cards and rewards cards etc. The added advantage for using our USB cards for such customization is that they offer a USB drive which can be used as a personal USB drive by your audience.

If you are interested in using variable printing on our customizable USB business cards, then the next steps should be as follows:

  1. Setting up a table (or a spreadsheet) with all the variable details for each card. A sample screenshot is presented in Table 1. This is a section of a table that was created by our client who wanted variable printing for conference attendees.
custom usb drives

Table 1: A screenshot of a table containing variable text for four USB cards.

  1. Using the data from table one, a sample mockup will be created by our design team. For example, the mockup for Card USB #1 is presented in Figure 1. This particular artwork requires customization at four spots on the USB with details: Name: Sarb Chahal; Second line: #29 Deerfoot Meadows; Third Line: #78 COP #81 Crowfoot; Fourth Line: #113 East Hills (2015).
custom USB card

Figure 1: Virtual Proof for #1. This artwork requires unique printing over four spots as per the Table 1.

Similarly, for USB card #2 the artwork is presented in Figure 2.

custom usb card

Figure 2: Virtual Proof for USB card #2. This artwork requires unique information over 2 spots as per the Table 1.

So, to answer the question: Can we personalize a bulk order of USB drives so that each USB has different information printed on it? YES, ABSOLUTELY! All you have to do is provide a table with the information you would want varied on the card (similar to Table 1), and our design team will be happy to create a no obligation, absolutely free mockup for you!

If you require variable printing for your order of custom USB Cards, simply let us know and we will walk you through every part of the process. Start now by requesting a quote to begin the process.

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