Ordering USB Brochures? Everything you need to know.

If you’re convinced our USB Brochures are a great product for your brand but don’t know how to get started with your own order, this post is for you.

USB Brochure

If you do not yet know what USB Brochures are, I highly recommend checking out this previous blog post, and our webpage for USB Brochures.

So you realize that a print brochure with a promotional USB embedded in it, preloaded with your content, is a great tool for your branding/marketing/promotional efforts. What comes next?

1. Request a Quote

The first thing you may want to know is how much the USB Brochures will cost you. You may have our price sheet already, that shows pricing per unit for various quantities and capacities. However if you want to know the exact amount you will be paying, you can request a formal quote from us, which depends on two factors

  • Quantity Needed
  • Storage Capacity needed

i. Quantity – for our USB Brochures, there is a minimum order quantity of 500 brochures

ii. Storage Capacity – customers often ask us what the most popular storage capacity choice is for USB Brochures.

The most popular option with USB Brochures is actually something called a WebKey. A WebKey looks exactly like a USB chip, except for it has no local storage . It is essentially a keyboard emulator. When plugged into a computer it will automatically launch your website (or whichever URL your provide us). However you can not store any files on it.

If you do need to store your own files on the USB, we will need to use an actual USB Drive with storage capacity. It is the lower capacities such as 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB that tend to be most popular for the USB Brochures.

Unlike our USB Cards, since the USB Brochures are made of paper, they are not meant to be used over and over again, which is why the lower capacities tend to be popular. For USB Cards, our customers will usually select a storage capacity well beyond the size of their own content. The reason for this is after their recipients view their content, they can use the USB Cards to save their own files. Since the exterior of the USB Card is still branded, their brand is still promoted every time a recipient uses the USB Card. So there is an incentive to make the USB Card as functional and useful for the recipient as possible in order to make them use it for a longer time period. With the USB Brochures, since they are not meant to be re-used over an extended time period, there is not much of an advantage to providing a lot of extra capacity on the USB if your own content is not that large.

However there are times when your own content may be large. For instance if you are distributing a few videos on the USB Brochures, you may need a few GB. We do offer up to 16 GB (The exact denominations are 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB).

Once the quantity and storage capacity is known, we can issue a detailed quote that shows you exactly what you would pay for the order.

2. Design

Part of what makes the USB Brochures such an appealing and attention grabbing product is the aesthetic of it. Your design plays an extremely important role here, and we that that seriously.

Which is why when it comes to the design of your own USB Brochures, there are a few options to choose from

i. Never designed a brochure before? Don’t worry. Over the years our design team has designed many many USB Brochures from scratch. Send us any rough material you have – logo, website, or just verbal instructions, and we will put together a draft for you. We will revise this draft as needed, based on your feedback, till we get it perfect.

The best part – there is no extra charge for this. It is absolutely free!

Here are some examples of USB Brochures we have designed:

Greenland Business Delegation USB Brochure

Greenland Business Delegation


92Y Camps


ii. Have an existing brochure that you want to convert into a USB Brochure? Send it over to us and we will create a virtual proof for USB Brochures based on your brochure. Usually some aspects need to be adjusted, to account for the USB embedded in the USB Brochure. Our design team will be able to handle all of this. We will send you back the initial draft for approval, and revise as needed based on your feedback. No charges for this!

This is what we created using an existing brochure for Blue Hawaiian Sales:


iii. Are you well-versed in design or do you have an in-house design department on your end? If you want to take complete control over the design/creative aspect, simply download our templates by clicking here. These include Photoshop templates as well as Adobe Illustrator templates so you or your design team can work with your preferred software. There is also a guideline file showing the exact dimensions of the brochure and the USB part. Once the design is complete, just send back the template to your sales representative and they will guide you through the rest of the process.

Flarian Paper USB Brochures - Guide for blog

This guide file comes along with the PSD and AI design templates for USB Brochures.

3. Data

So the design of your USB Brochures is complete – what do you worry about next? The data to load on the USB! After-all that is what separates a USB Brochure from a regular brochure. By distributing digital promotional material embedded into a print brochure, a USB Brochure allows you to merge your worlds of physical and digital marketing.

If you are going with a WebKey, this would simply be the URL/Website you want automatically launched when the USB is plugged into a computer. This is something that will need to be configured on our end. You can not do it yourself, so you will have to provide us with this information prior to us shipping out your order.

If you are going with regular storage and have some files to load on the USB, we still encourage you to let us do this for you. Although it works like a regular USB Drive, which means even after you receive it you can plug it into your computer and add/remove files as needed, it might not be easy for you to do so without detaching the USB along the perforation in the brochure. Often times our existing customers for USB Cards who are used to loading their own data don’t realize this about our USB Brochures.

USB Brochures plugged into computer

After assembly of USB Brochures is complete, the region with USB Chip embedded needs to be detached along the perforation in order to plug the USB into a computer. Once plugged in, you may add/remove files as needed, just like you would on a regular USB. However when data is preloaded on our end, we load the USB chips prior to assembly.

When we load the data on our end, we actually do it before assembling the final product. So it is a lot easier for you if you just let us take care of the data preloading. After all there is no charge for it, and we have proper systems and processes in place to verify your data integrity – i.e make sure the data on your end is exactly what ends up getting loaded on your USB Brochures and there is no corruption during the transfer process.

However over the years we have had a few customers who do need to load the data on their end, due to one reason or another. Through these customers we have been introduced to a nice trick that makes the USB Brochures easier to load after assembly shall the need arise. Instead of directly trying to plug the USB into the USB port, they use an extension wire, similar to the one shown below:

USB extension wire

The USB extension wire eliminates the need for the USB Chip to be directly plugged into the computer. This eliminates the need of detaching the USB Drive along the perforation in order to plug it in, and reduces the probability of it accidentally getting detached.Instead of plugging the USB chip into the computer directly, the wire is plugged into the computer and the USB Drive is plugged into the other end of the wire. This can be done without detaching the USB part from the brochure.

In case you have a reason to load the data yourself, this trick is helpful for you too. There are a few reasons why customers may want to take care of data loading themselves, such as

  • Data is not ready till a much later date, and they want the USB Brochures prior to that
  • The USB Brochures are handed out to clients with client-specific files rather than the same file on every USB
  • Confidentiality reasons

4. Print Finish – (Matte or Glossy?)

After the design is ready and final virtual proof is approved, there is still one key piece of information to decide upon before production can start:

Would you like a matte finish or a glossy finish for your USB Brochures?

If you requested samples of the USB Brochures (which we do recommend doing, so you get a chance to check everything out) we will make sure to send samples with both, matte and glossy finish. You can use these samples a reference when you are deciding which print finish you would like for your own USB Brochures.

Once this is known, your USB Brochures are ready to start production!

Please note it typically takes 12-14 days for turn-around (from order confirmation to delivery). For a safety margin, we usually recommend getting the process started 20 days prior to your deadline. This leaves time for proof revisions and other delays. It is also important to keep in mind that some other factors that do affect lead time are order quantity and data size.

If you have a specific deadline in mind make sure you do let your sales representative and account manager know. Even if your deadline is sooner than our typical lead time, often times we will be able to accommodate it.

Are you ready to start your own order of USB Brochures? Click here to request pricing and get the process started.

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