Should You Get a Custom Branded Sample?

Buying custom branded USB Drives for the first time can be a difficult decision. There are a lot of factors that can cause uncertainty. Some of the biggest concerns clients have raised include:

  • How will the drives operate once plugged in?
  • Will complex data such as custom applications be corrupted?
  • Will the print look good and match the branding?
  • Will the custom branded USB Drive work for them?

At the end of the day all these questions really boil down to one simple question. How can you trust an online company? Here at Flarian we welcome this very justified skepticism. Not only is this level of scrutiny healthy when purchasing anything online but it also gives as a chance to do some humble bragging.

The first thing we will always point to for a source of credibility is our reviews. Usually, the overwhelmingly positive response on our Google Reviews is enough for many of our clients. However, there are certain times when this is not enough.

custom usb drive

 You can check out more reviews by clicking here

A lot of these cases in which the reviews are not enough, feature complex data or very special instructions.

If the specific issue is only a question of data, often times a custom sample is not needed. We can simply load a generic sample and have it shipped out. This option is a much faster method that does not require the time it would take to send a custom branded sample.

So when is a custom is branded sample necessary? There are two main cases that a custom sample is needed:

custom usb card

  • Our client has a concern regarding the print quality of the custom branded USB Drive.


  • There is a tight turnaround time between a sample, and artwork approval


The first case is easy enough to understand. Despite the reviews, our reputationour assurances and controls, and our 12 year warranty, nothing beats a physical proof. In these cases sending a physical sample is no hassle.

Requesting these samples is fairly straightforward. There are three simple steps:

  1. Approval of the virtual proof. Our design team will happy to work with you to create a proof you are happy with.
  2. Payment for the sample. Depending on the product and the shipping location there can be a small fee associated with the custom sample. This in many cases is fully refundable on your full order.
  3. The custom sample is printed, the data is loaded if necessary and the custom sample is shipped out directly to our client.

The second case is much more rare and tricky. In cases where a sample is required and there is a tight deadline, a custom sample is sometimes the only answer. In these cases we operate slightly differently. Most times this step happens as a precautionary step that is a client’s policy on larger orders.

  1. The first step is confirming the full order. All order details are collected by a clients dedicated Account Manager.
  2. A Custom Sample is produced, loaded and shipped right away. On average this process can take up to 4-6 business days.
  3. As soon as approval of the sample is received the full order is produced, loaded and shipped.

There are many other times when a custom sample might be necessary but these are the most common. Still wondering about getting a custom sample? Request a quote today and ask your sales representative all about it.



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