The Best Packaging and Accessory Options for USB Business Cards

USB Business cards have multiple uses from conference giveaways to customer reports. Our clients range from law firms to photographers. In each of these cases the USB Cards are not where the story ends. With many of the orders we deal with, clients will request our custom branded packaging and accessories options. But how do you determine which is the best option for you? Below is a list of our top recommendations and when they are best utilized.

Leather Sleeves Our Most Popular Packaging Option

custom usb drive

The leather sleeve is our most popular packaging option. They look even better when they are embossed with your artwork/logo.

Packaging plays a huge role when it comes to presentation. A beautifully designed USB Card deserves to be packaged in a refreshing way. By far our most popular packaging option has to be our Leather Sleeves. The Leather Sleeves complement the USB Cards beautifully with a thin, elegant design. On top of that they can be embossed for a much more executive feel for free. However, the number one reason they are so popular has to be their unbeatable price. Normally it is our best priced packaging option but for a short time we are offering the sleeves for a discounted $0.99/unit for orders over 25 units.

Lanyards Our Most Popular Accessory

USB Cards are very popular for conferences however the undisputed king of conference giveaways is still lanyards. At this point a lanyard is almost ubiquitous when it comes to a professional conference. The great thing about the Flarian USB Card is that it can attach to lanyards. Many of our orders that are for conferences will also get lanyards. Not only can the lanyards attach to the USB Cards, they come in a variety of colors and can be custom branded for free. This makes them a great addition to any order.

Many orders that get lanyards also end up getting the plastic covers for name badges. Some conference clients have cleverly designed the USB Card to be the name badge of a conference attendee.


The lanyard and the plastic sleeve are the perfect combination for USB Card buyers attending a conference.

Window Tin Case Our Premium Packaging

The premium packaging option we offer is our Window Tin Case. The metal case turns the USB Card experience into an entire presentation. The front of the case can also be custom branded and offers a large surface area. They can also be engraved for a very unique packaging option for the USB Cards. A great use of these is for wedding photographers that would like an elegant way to present clients with the digital files for the wedding.

custom usb drive

The Window Tin Case is our most premium option for packaging options.

Our clients work with our in house design team to create beautiful branding for USB Cards. Custom branded packaging is the best to enhance the experience of the USB Card. Don’t like any of the options listed above? Well we have others. Email today to find out all of the various options we have.

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