Reality vs. Renderings: Comparing Actual Product Photos against Virtual Proofs

custom usb drive

Traditional photography of actual products is becoming less common in this time and age. Instead, computer generated imagery is replacing such illustrations in all walks of life. To give you an example, about a decade ago, 20% of all advertisements of cars were digitally rendered and 80% were produced through traditional photography. Today this number has flipped. The same can be said for most industries which rely on illustrations to sell products. The custom-branded USB industry is no exception.  Continue reading

Launching a game on Kickstarter? Here’s why you need USB Cards.

Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other crowdfunding platforms have been revolutionary for indie video game developers. Crowdfunding allows developers to go directly to their customers and get their projects funded. In return for this funding there are always a plethora of rewards for project backers. These rewards vary from in-game credits to being included in the game as a character. Continue reading