Launching a game on Kickstarter? Here’s why you need USB Cards.

Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other crowdfunding platforms have been revolutionary for indie video game developers. Crowdfunding allows developers to go directly to their customers and get their projects funded. In return for this funding there are always a plethora of rewards for project backers. These rewards vary from in-game credits to being included in the game as a character.

One of the most popular rewards is a physical copy of the game. A lot of the games that are kickstarted are distributed online with digital only versions. With the increasing popularity of Steam, PSN and Xbox Live – not distributing digitally seems like a foolish option.  So why is a physical version of the game even important?

  • Crowdfunding backers are not your average mobile gamer. Many of the backers are core gamers and have a soft spot in their hearts for physical media. As more and more things move online the familiarity of physical products enter the realm of nostalgia.
  • Crowdfunding backers are brand ambassadors. The rewards exist to differentiate them and a physical version of a mostly digital game is an accolade that gamers love. Not only does it feel like a trophy or achievement they have unlocked but it is proof of their loyalty to a game.

So why is a USB Card the perfect option for distributing a physical version of a game? There are three main reasons:

  • Artwork – Video games are famous for having very unique art styles. This sense of style needs to bleed out of the physical distribution medium you choose. A custom branded USB Card can be printed in full color on both the front and back. This not only provides you with the surface area to create a beautiful work of art but it also acts as the front and back cover of your game. Learn more by reading “Full-color photo printing: The way to go when printing Card-shaped USBs”
    custom usb drive
  • Minimum Order Quantities & Lead Times – With crowdfunding, getting the right number of rewards can be difficult. Since it is hard to predict how many backers a campaign may get, planning rewards can become very difficult. The great thing about USB Cards is the minimum order quantity is only 10 units. The lead times for the USB Cards is also pretty quick. This obviously depends on where the units are being shipped but the great benefit is it eases the burden on ordering the correct number of USB Cards. So feel free to add them to your stretch goals or tack on a few to other reward tiers. Once the campaign is finished placing an order is a very easy process.
  • Variable Printing – Nothing beats a personalized reward. Imagine being able to print a backers name on their personalized physical copy of a game. With USB Cards it is a very easy to do. While most of the card can be kept the same, there is a simple process for printing each backers name on their USB Card. Learn more about our Variable Printing by reading this.
  • Data Space – One of the biggest benefits of the USB Card is the available digital space on the USB Drive. Since our drives range from 512 MB up to 64GB there are plenty of options for the space to be used creatively. This space is the perfect place to share digital copies of the game, artwork books, thank you videos and any other digital rewards for your customers. Because data loading is a free service that we offer you do not have to worry. We even use a unique process that uses MD5 codes to ensure the integrity of your data. We use this process so you can rest assured nothing will go wrong with your digital files. If you need more information ask your sales agent and they will be happy to help.

custom usb card

USB Cards are the best way to reward backers. Indie video game developers get a unique reward, a physical version of their game and something that respects the art they have created. Get started today!

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