Reality vs. Renderings: Comparing Actual Product Photos against Virtual Proofs

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Traditional photography of actual products is becoming less common in this time and age. Instead, computer generated imagery is replacing such illustrations in all walks of life. To give you an example, about a decade ago, 20% of all advertisements of cars were digitally rendered and 80% were produced through traditional photography. Today this number has flipped. The same can be said for most industries which rely on illustrations to sell products. The custom-branded USB industry is no exception. 

The main advantage of employing computer generated imaging is the ability to provide a reasonably accurate depiction of a product prior to manufacturing it. USB manufacturers can use virtual proofs and digital mockups to provide their clients and prospects with a better idea of how their final order will look like quickly and cost-effectively. In this way, clients are better informed about what they are buying and avoid any surprises should their expectations not be met. Virtual mockups also allow manufacturers of USB drives and their clients to go back and forth on the design of their custom USB drives until they reach a final version that the clients are completely satisfied with. If virtual mockups were not used, the alternative option would be to print a sample each time a modification was required and convey that sample either by taking a photo of an actual produced sample or sending it through mail to the client. This process would need to be reiterated until the actual produced unit was finally approved. Unfortunately, this process would be extremely expensive, time consuming, and difficult to benefit from economies of scale production. The net result would have been a higher price for the same product. By using virtual proofs and digital renderings, the cost savings are translated on to the clients in the form of lower prices! So we strongly believe using virtual proofs is truly a win win!

But the question that often arises is how accurate are the virtual proofs compared to the photos of an actual production sample?  Well, why don’t you be the judge. Below we present a series of virtual proofs we created for our clients and the corresponding photos of the actual production samples. Please note that all these photos were taken by non-professionals, in non-ideal lighting using typical cell phone cameras. Often times, the features of the actual printed samples are not captured adequately under such photography conditions. Nonetheless, we believe these provide a good idea of how well the virtual proofs translate to a final product!

If you have any artwork, simply send it over to us and we will create a virtual proof for you. As you will see below, the virtual proof represents what the final product will look like to an exceptionally high degree of likeness. Get a quote to get started, and then simply send over your artwork to one of our sales reps.

Virtual Proof – Health Synergy

custom usb card

Actual Print – Health Synergy


Virtual Proofs – CDI College




Actual Prints – CDI College


Virtual Proof – Gary Child Psychologist


Actual Prints – Gary Child Psychologist


Virtual Proof – Oregon Community Workers Compensation


Actual Print – Oregon Community Workers Compensation

ar9Virtual Proofs – Viecachée Luxury Medical Concierge


Actual Prints – Viecachée Luxury Medical Concierge


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