Versatility in design of promotional paper USB brochures

custom usb brochure

Like the name suggests, USB brochures are paper flyers which contain a USB drive. This USB drive can be detached from the flyer and connected to any computer to access the content preloaded on it. It can also be programmed to launch a website. This can be a YouTube video, an online form, a Dropbox link or anything else.

The advent of the USB brochure is driven by necessity. Today, the vast majority of consumers use digital sources such as the web to learn about new products and what other people think about them. Over the last few years we have noticed major companies such as Ford and Pepsi forego their budget for TV ads during Super Bowl in favor of web marketing. The paper USB brochure has now emerged as a perfect tool for promoting a product or service by combining both the digital (think the web) and physical (think paper flyers) worlds of marketing. If you are in search of a high impact promotional tool which supports a digital media campaign, look no further. The paper USB brochure is ideal for you. 

At Flarian, paper USB brochures can be ordered in quantities as low as 100 units. However, for obtaining the best bang for your buck, quantities of 500 units or more are recommended. Typical lead times from artwork approval to delivery are 10 to 12 business days.

A few factors to keep in mind when designing a paper USB brochure are listed below:

  1. Dimensions of the paper USB brochures (Length x Width);
  2. Matte vs. Glossy finish for the USB brochures;
  3. Shape of the USB drive cut out.

We will go in more detail with each of these points in the subsequent discussion.

1. Dimensions:

Our standard (and therefore, most popular), paper USB brochure comes as a trifold document with dimensions of 13 inches x 5 inches. In Figure 1, our standard paper USB brochure with dimensions is shown. This artwork was designed by our in-house design team for the Danish Consulate in Toronto, Canada absolutely FREE. The dimensions have been chosen to fit a standard C5 envelop for a direct mail campaign. However, please note that the dimensions of the paper USB brochure are fully customizable. Some clients prefer their own specifications as presented in Figure 2. In Figure 2 we present a trifold paper USB brochure with the custom dimensions of 8.5 inches x 11 inches (corresponding to a standard A4 paper) when open.

custom usb brochure

Figure 1. Dimensions and layout of our standard paper USB brochure. Our standard paper USB brochure is a trifold flyer, with a built in USB drive contained in the USB Flap. When open, the length of our brochure is 13 inches and width is 5 inches.

custom usb brochure

Figure 2. Example of a custom dimensions paper USB brochure. This client wanted a trifold paper USB brochures with the dimensions of an A4 paper (when open) for their direct mail campaign. The USB drive cut out can be seen at the bottom.

2. Matte vs. Glossy Finish:

Our paper USB brochures can either be printed on paper with a matte finish or paper with a glossy finish. The choice of the type of finish depends on clients preferences and both look very professional. The distinction between these two types of finishes is illustrated in Figure 3.

usb brochure

Figure 3. Difference between Matte vs. Glossy finish. The business card on the left is shinier than the business card on the right. The shiny business card has a glossy finish whereas the not-so-shiny business card has a matte finish.

3. Shape of the USB drive cut out:

As is illustrated in Figure 1 and 2 the standard paper brochure consists of a rounded rectangular USB drive cut out. This shape of the USB drive cut out is also completely customizable. In Figure 4 we show a series of shapes which can be used for the USB drive.

usb brochure

Figure 4. Popular shapes of USB drive cutouts in our paper USB brochures. While this is a comprehensive list of shapes, this is not exhaustive. The USB drive cut out can be practically of any shape and size.

While these are popular shapes for the USB drive cutout these are certainly not exhaustive. In fact, the USB drive cut out can be made in practically any shape and size. In Figure 5 we show one of our clients who wanted the USB cutout to be customized such that it surrounds the van image on the brochure. So we obliged!

usb brochure

Figure 5. Customizability of the USB drive cut out. The USB drive cut out is fully customizable. No matter the complexity of the cut out, our manufacturing processes allow us to have the USB drive cut out in any shape and size. This paper USB brochure for Mercedes Benz has a USB drive cut out which surrounds the image of the van on the brochure.

While we have a standard template for the paper USB brochure, and the USB drive cutout, we also offer the ability to fully customize your paper brochure to meet your specifications.  Contact us today and we will work closely with you to come up with a personalized solution for your next digital marketing campaign with no obligations, no commitment and absolutely no cost on your part!


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  1. We are looking for software to turn the USB card into a menu driven card that works like a DVD where you can menu structuring and select chapters etc. Any ideas? This will sell your product to us!

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