What to look for on a quote for USB Cards?

A quote is very important in the decision making process for a business. When it comes to promotional USB Cards there are a few things customers should look out for. In the custom branded USB market quotes are especially important. This is mainly because of price fluctuations in the USB Chip market


Initially, the most important place to look at is the details. This is more than just looking at the quantity, description and unit price. Many quotes in the USB Cards market come with hidden fees or up-charges.

The biggest hidden charge is usually for printing and data pre-loading. Prices tend to be listed based on a limited number of colors and a very small amount of data for pre-loading. This is a tactic that makes the price seem a lot lower than what the final charge ends up being. It is always a good idea to ask what, if any, additional charges may apply.

For Flarian, all of our quotes proudly state full color printing for both the front and back side of the USB Cards and unlimited data loading. We do not want our customers to have to work out the numbers for themselves or be surprised when they receive the invoice.

custom usb drive

Always check to see the number of colors and the size of the data that is included in your quote.

Taxes and Currency

This one seems obvious but it can be easily overlooked and can cause confusion. As a rule of thumb you should always check to see if there will be any additional taxes on your order and what currency the quote is in. Unless these are listed it is always better to ask. This way there are no surprises when you are ready to move forward. Many quotes will not include taxes in an effort to make the final price seem lower. We believe in always being transparent so if we know where a customer’s units are shipping to, we include any taxes that we collect.


custom usb drive

Flarian quotes include relevant taxes and the currency. The date the quote is invalid is also displayed along with this info.

Because the price for USBCards can fluctuate so rapidly, it is always important to keep an eye on when the quote you have received is valid until. Looking for a date or time stamp is important. If you do not find an expiration date on the quote, then always ask.

Additional Info

All good quotes have additional information. This can include brand promises, additional options, reviews and contact info. This area tells you a lot about the company you are dealing with. This shows a level of professionalism and provides options for customers to be able to make better decisions.  All of our quotes include reviews, packaging and accessory options, our contact info and most important: our 3 promises.

custom usb drive

We are very proud of our 3 promises.

Quotes are very important when it comes to planning a purchase, especially for clients shopping around looking for the best deal. Many clients have come to us after another supplier ended up charging them more than they were originally quoted. That is why we are always making our quotes better and better for our customers. If however, you are able to find a better quote make sure to email our sales team. They would be happy to try and match or beat the price that was offered.

Get a quote now and see for yourself. 

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