Photographers using USB Cards to let their work promote itself

As with almost any artistic profession, the larger the amount of people who know of a photographer, the more chances of him or her being successful. Of course, there are numerous ways for photographers to promote themselves: social media marketing, paid advertisements, word-of-mouth, pro-bono/volunteer work, just to name a few.

However, when it comes to growing your business – or the perceived worth of it, there are no better means than referrals from your satisfied clients! Running a business for ‘artistic products’ ourselves, we can attest to this from our first-hand experience.

Now it seems that photographers have found a way to use our USB Cards as a way to get their work to promote itself, thereby increasing the number of referrals they get!

It really is very simple if you truly think about it.

Allow me to take you down a trip to memory lane. The last time I hired a photographer, I was helping organize an event for a student run club at a university. I found a number of photographers online, and after reviewing their work, finally chose one.

When the photographer came to the event, he handed out regular business cards to anyone who asked him for their picture to be taken (as I understand is standard within the industry). That was his way of promoting himself.

What do you think happened to those business cards? Yes, that’s right. They were either torn, thrown away, or lost. That’s typically what happens when you hand out a business card to someone who is not really looking for one, isn’t it? So, the photographer lost out on a chance to increase his business.

However, if the photographer had chosen to hand out our custom branded USB Cards things might have played out differently. First of all, we offer high quality printing on all of our products, which means the photographer would have been able to use one of the pictures he’s previously taken to display in a great way on the USB Cards. Further, since these are USBs after all, the photographer could have also uploaded his portfolio on the USBs for his prospective clients to browse through.

What makes me think that these USB Cards would not be thrown out in the same way as the paper business cards? Great question! A USB is useful for anyone. As such, the likelihood of someone discarding a beautifully crafted custom USB drive is significantly less than the likelihood of someone discarding a piece of paper.


More recently, my family hired a photographer to cover a family wedding. While all the family members were busy having the time of our lives, our photographer went around snapping some truly great candid shots – memories that will stay with us forever! He was truly phenomenal. However, when he handed the pictures over to us, he did so on a branded CD. I must admit, the branding on the CD was great. But, after downloading the photos on our computers, we ultimately discarded the CD! All that effort the photographer put into designing the CD had suddenly gone to waste.

However, had he used our custom branded USB Cards, I would have hung on to it – for the same reason as above. I just have more use for a USB (when I can delete the content on it, and use it as my own personal device), than I do for a CD which I can’t use for anything!

And that’s not even the worst part. The worst part is that I do not remember the photographer’s name! Had he given me a custom branded USB card which I would have kept, I would have been reminded of him every time I used it! It would have been a constant loop of re-inforced promotion even after his work was done!

In summary, so far I have explained why and how our custom branded USB cards are better for promotional purposes than a regular business card, or even a CD. But what if I tell you there are even more benefits to this?

First, using our custom branded USB Cards brands you as a high-value photographer! You’re doing so well that you dished out on slightly more expensive USB Business Cards as opposed to the regular paper business cards! Every action you take as a photographer makes a direct impression on your prospective clients – so why not make the first impression (handing out your card), one of the best impressions! Even if you don’t use the custom USB Card as a simple business card, but instead use it as a medium to deliver the final product of your photoshoot, you would be handing your client something memorable. And in the end, isn’t that why most people like to take pictures – for memory?

Second, you’re also providing your clients something useful – a USB! Given that these would be custom branded with your own branding, it would provide re-inforcement of your brand everytime the USB is used.

Finally, in the end, you’ve provided a fantastic service! One that will get your clients talking. Not just about their event, or how great the pictures turned out, but they will share the pictures too. And everytime they do, they will pull out your custom branded USB Card. Which means continued, re-inforced promotion for free to anyone and everyone who sees it!

So make your client`s experience even more memorable. Use the custom branded USB Cards for whatever purpose you like, and ensure a larger amount of promotion for yourself and your business.

Get a quote now, and a member of our team will be happy to walk you through the process of creating your very own custom branded USB Card!

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