Reality vs. Renderings: Comparing Actual Product Photos against Virtual Proofs

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Traditional photography of actual products is becoming less common in this time and age. Instead, computer generated imagery is replacing such illustrations in all walks of life. To give you an example, about a decade ago, 20% of all advertisements of cars were digitally rendered and 80% were produced through traditional photography. Today this number has flipped. The same can be said for most industries which rely on illustrations to sell products. The custom-branded USB industry is no exception.  Continue reading

Can we personalize a bulk order of USB drives such that each USB has different information printed?

custom usb drive

The age of digital printing has revolutionized the worlds of marketing, and advertising. Today a variety of options have become available that were unimaginable in the past. Among these options is the VARIABLE PRINTING feature we have available for our clients. This feature enables our clients to personalize each and every USB drive for their audience with their name, and other specific information. Variable printing can also be used to print sequential codes, random numbers, unique identifiers, QR codes and barcodes on our USB drives. The advantage of our state of the art variable data printing is that it allows each USB drive to be exclusively designed and printed for a single person. If executed properly, a campaign which utilizes such individualized can improve the response rates. Our variable printing option is being used by our clients in the following ways: Continue reading

How are real estate agents using USB cards to beat their competition?

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The overwhelming paperwork involved in a typical realty transaction has called for the need to find innovative strategies to escape the clutter of paper. Typical buying or selling of a property involves:

  1. Open house packets
  2. Public and/or private real estate listings
  3. Closing documents

Now, with the ever reducing prices of custom branded USB drives, it has become feasible to replace this paperwork with Flarian USB Cards. Continue reading