The Best Packaging and Accessory Options for USB Business Cards

USB Business cards have multiple uses from conference giveaways to customer reports. Our clients range from law firms to photographers. In each of these cases the USB Cards are not where the story ends. With many of the orders we deal with, clients will request our custom branded packaging and accessories options. But how do you determine which is the best option for you? Below is a list of our top recommendations and when they are best utilized. Continue reading

How are real estate agents using USB cards to beat their competition?

custom usb cards

The overwhelming paperwork involved in a typical realty transaction has called for the need to find innovative strategies to escape the clutter of paper. Typical buying or selling of a property involves:

  1. Open house packets
  2. Public and/or private real estate listings
  3. Closing documents

Now, with the ever reducing prices of custom branded USB drives, it has become feasible to replace this paperwork with Flarian USB Cards. Continue reading

You can do way more with a USB than you think!

When you purchase a product like our custom business USB cards from Flarian, you typically go through a simple process: you decide on the quantity and storage capacity you require, you spend a few days to design some fantastic artwork for your custom business USB cards, you pay the invoice, potentially send us some data to preload, and then sit back and relax until we work our magic and deliver the custom business USB cards to you (click here to read about our ordering process).And almost every time, when you receive the custom business USB cards, you’re left in awe of how well they’ve turned out.

BUT, did you know there’s actually more that you can do with your custom business USB cards?

Continue reading

How does pricing for Flarian USB Cards work?

When a company or an individual decides to place an order for Flarian USB Business Cards, the very first step is for them to request a quote for the USB Cards. Based on the specifics they provide in our quote request form, we calculate what the exact price would be for their particular order.

The pricing for promotional USB Cards is calculated on a price per card basis, and there are two main factors that influence the price per card in a specific order. Continue reading

Flarian vs. the Competition for branded USB Cards

If you have shopped around for promotional USB Cards with your custom branding, you may have realized that today there are quite a few retailers for card shaped USB Drives.

At Flarian, we have had the pleasure of working with thousands of customers, who after searching extensively, chose us. We feel lucky, and are thankful that they chose to place their trust in us. We are aware of the competition, and it motivates us to go the extra mile for every single one of our customers, in order to set us apart. We strive to make sure everyone who chooses to do business with us realizes their trust in us is not misplaced. We think we do a pretty good job at that, and there are two ways we measure our success. Continue reading

How to get USB Cards for Orientation Week at No Cost

Custom-branded USB Cards are widely used in the educational space for a number of reasons. One of the recurring reasons colleges and universities use Flarian USB Cards is during frosh/orientation week as a giveaway for incoming students. On the first day of orientation week, each incoming student is provided with an orientation kit which consists of various swag, and things such as a student handbook, residence handbook, code of conduct and so on. Since 2012, numerous universities and colleges in Canada and the United States have been including Flarian USB Cards in the orientation kits as well. Continue reading

USB embedded in WHAT?!

Do you remember the last brochure you saw? If it was any good, it likely had a ton of useful information about the product/service being sold, along with a lot of well-researched and easy-to-understand infographics and like all good marketing, featured a call to action.

At this point you might have imagined what your own brochure would look like, but then thought:

‘Wait a minute, I can just put all this information on a USB drive.’

At this stage many people come to Flarian in order to buy custom branded USB Cards for this very purpose, and hand them out to potential customers/clients.

Well, what if I told you that now you can put information on a USB Drive and a brochure at the same time. Cue: *enter USB Brochure* Continue reading